Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well. I am writing this specially for Asahii Language Institute and Sukhada Agnihotri madam. I started learning japanese language online under the guidance of Sukhada ma'am from October 2020. It was totally a new language for me to learn. The way Sukhada ma'am trained us is really appreciable. With proper notes and guidance given by Sukhada ma'am, it was very interesting to learn Japanese language. Thanks a lot Asahii Language Institute and Sukhada ma'am for this wonderful learning experience.

Atharva Nitin Kulkarni

I would like to recommend Asahii Language Institute and Japanese language (Nihongo) teacher (Sensei) Mrs Sukhada Agnihotri. Thanks to her teaching style and efforts I was able to easily understand and quickly grasp difficult scripts of Hiragana & Katakana. She understood my need to have corporate communication skills in Japanese language and has guided me very well throughout the sessions. I appreciate the diversity of student’s backgrounds in our class and every class session is fun-filled learning. Due to her support I am more confident and look forward to my Japanese assignment. Thanks to Asahii Language Institute and special thanks to Sukhada San.

Shriram Deshpande

Director, Whirlpool Tech Center Pune
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I am a working women - was facing a lot of problems when I started to learn Japanese. At each and every struggle I found "Sukhada Sensei" beside me. She has motivated me a lot. She provide us proper notes, audio and video clips for life time access. Japanese is a new language for me but the way she is teaching - it made this easy to understand. In classes she truly care about each student. Your patience is second to none! I had so much trouble with some of the difficult parts, but you stuck by me and have faith on me. You are a true godsend! You’ve got all of the best qualities of a good teacher. Without you, I wouldn’t have made it through. THANK YOU SENSEI 🙏🙂

Ashalata Manda

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I’m an engineer by profession and started learning Japanese for my career advancement, it’s been over 8 months I have been going through the training, and over the journey Sukhada ma’am played significant role to make sure the training is amiable. I thoroughly enjoyed the course content and I found it extremely relevant. I have been very impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of your organization, greatly appreciate it.



This review is for Sukhada Agnihotri Asahii Institute. I have started learning Japanese language N5 level (online) in Asahii institute since May,2020. Sukhada is our teacher and she is really the best Japanese language teacher. She teaches each and every word, grammar, concepts till we understand it fully. Even if the whole lesson is not understood by anyone of us, she is ready to teach whole lesson again to all of us without any hesitation. She is very co-operative, flexible and knowledgeable person. She always encourages and inspires us to do better in our Japanese classes. She always try to boost our morale by appreciating our studies. I highly recommend her classes. Thanks a lot sukhada for introducing and teaching this cute language to me

Priyanka Bhagwat

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I got trained in N5 language by Sukhada Ma'am. She is really gentle and cooperative when it comes to doubts or queries. And also helps the students not only to understand concepts clearly and crisply but provide with many examples and different ideas to make the learning enjoyable process.

Rishikesh Atre

Hi My name is Swara . I am 13 years old .I have started learning Japanese language N5 level (online) in Asahii Language Institute. I got trained by Sukhda Sensei She is really gentle and cooperative when it comes to doubts or queries. She teaches each and every word, grammar, concepts till we understand it fully & now I got my N5 certificate because of Asahii Language Institute So I highly recommended Asahii Language Institute

Swara Tilley

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Hello my name is Jaya Jadhav Mother of Manasvi.. Manasvi has French language in her school but guidance was not up to the mark so we Started learning French in Asahii Language Institute Savani maam explains all the concepts very nicely Manasvi likes to attend her French class regularly. I can see improvement in her. In fact She got 1st rank in FRENCH subject because of Asahii Language Institute & Savani mam Thank you Savani ma'am, & Asahii Language Institute.

Jaya Jadhav

Manasvi's (Student) Mother

We have definitely got a really good and a friendly ma’am. Whatever we don’t understand, she makes sure that she will do it until and unless we have understood that.

Anushree Ghaisas


At first, I didn’t really think that I would do well in French, but we have got a great teacher!! She is friendly, kind knowledgeable and great fun to talk to. She knows what is important for French beginners and also what we need to do to improve quickly. She also helps us to excel and motivates us when there is a peak point for us in understanding things

Sakshi Palande

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Hello, I attended the 5 day crash course in German offered by Asahii Language institute of Pune...It was my first experience after a gap of 1.5 years and it was very refreshing! My instructor of the course, Miss. Rachana Bhagwat taught us basic but important topics in German in enthusiastic and interactive way! Thank you Asahii Language Institute and Rachana ma'am for such a great course

Avantika Iyangar

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I am really very grateful to Rachana Ma'am and the 'Asahii Institute' for such a wonderful five day crash course. I really loved the course. I felt free to interact with Rachana Ma'am. All basic concepts like Alphabets, Numbers, Colours, Days of the week, Months, Seasons, basic greetings like Good Morning, Good Day, Good Evening, Good Night, Thank you, Welcome, Sorry, Bye, and also how to introduce ourselves in German was taught very nicely. I wanted to learn German Language from long time; and this course gave me a chance to learn the German with correct pronunciations . THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Janhavi Deshpande

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