ASAHII Language Institute
ASAHII Language Institute

Asahii Language Institute is one of the most popular language institutes in India. It offers writing, reading and speaking in 4 Foreign and 3 Indian languages. ASAHII Language Institute aims to provide multi language skills under one roof! Neither age nor prior knowledge is a barrier to learn a new language.

Benefit from the choice of languages that we offer – either as a hobby or as an additional qualification on your resume.




A different language is like different vision

While you are learning a new language, your cognitive abilities are increasing. For example, memorizing words will train your memory. Also, once you grasp the general concepts of language, you’ll be able to understand other intuitively.

Each language has own set of rules, own structure and lexis. It all might catch you off guard and seem incredibly difficult at first. Still, once you sit down and concentrate you’ll be able to grasp all the essential elements to work, into a conversation. That is an extremely proficient process to boost your ability to concentrate and be attentive.

Multi-tasking is quite a stressful process for any non-trained brain. Learning a new language teaches you to slip from one language system to another with ease. This, in turn, increases the overall ability of your brain to jump from one task to another much quicker and with less stress.

Learning a language is the collection of the small pieces which create a great picture. The more you dive into the language you learn, the more you understand about the other culture and way of thinking. This process leads to a brand new understanding of the world and connections in it. It is like seeing every small thing for the very first time. How can one be non-creative after this?

Due to the numerous studies, learning two or more languages helps you keep your mind healthy Well, there is much more bilingualism has to offer! How about benefits for your future career, huh?

Setting a goal and achieving it inevitably leads to confidence. Especially, when your goal is a major one, like mastering a foreign language. That process takes a lot of time and dedication. And, once you start you are never allowed to stop learning, for there is a high risk to lose it all. Still, the reward for your hard work is also enormous! Your confidence rises up every second you are engaged in a dialogue with a native speaker of a language you struggled to master.

Multilingual specialists are always welcomed on the market. Statistic says that the knowledge of at least two languages can increase your salary by more than 15%.  Why so? The employer would definitely benefit from your skill, as you’ll be able to communicate with prospective partners, set up a greater network and bring more customers. Your value increases, as well as your career opportunities.

With languages you are at home everywhere

ASAHII Language Institute

Our culture, language, history and values are vital to uniting us as nation